On & Off The Treadmill

“It feels like a chore”
Exercise for people can feel like an absolute chore. In fact some people have likened exercise to going to work.
Gyms are plentiful in Worcester,some of these gyms are open 24 hours a day.
Yet we are struggling with an epidemic of obesity.
For most people they are on an endless stop and start cycle.
They know that exercise is going to control weight and prevent disease. Yet the behaviours required to do the very thing that they are looking for is unsustainable.
When people get enough sleep (whatever that individual needs) they are more energised and have a better mood. All of a sudden you have more energy and feel more motivated.
That translates into happiness and able to handle the stresses of life better.
How different is that from waking up feeling exhausted and then using high energy foods or drinks to get you through the day.
We all know that exercise helps us sleep. Maybe rather than worrying so much about the weight, think about how just exercising today is going to help you sleep.
The first & foremost point of exercise should be to “LIVE BETTER & MOVE BETTER.”
Yours in fitness


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