3 Factors

3 Factors that are needed to reach your fitness goals. They're not sexy but important. Smart Goals, Realistic and honest about your nutrition,Seek advice from a coach We can help…

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In search of MOJO

That ever illusive MOJO is hard to find. When someone begins a fitness programme at Total Fitness Worcester, the common theme is; they are looking for their "MOJO." Getting your…

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Finally after a long Christmas Break I'm starting to get my MOJO back:-) I've found this new diet. I hope it helps you reach your goals. Watch the video to…

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Just relaxing before the race tomorrow. If you like the videos, you'll love the 30 Day Training Experience The 30 Day training experience is very different to the bog standard…

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Busy being Busy

Yep, it's that time of year again. The New Year is approaching fast and for some it's time for change. Total Fitness Worcester has seen people come and go through…

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