Bomb Proof Your Knees

Bomb Proof Your Knees

Bomb Proof Your Knees

Since helping the men and women of Worcester get fitter and feel better about themselves one thing that’s always troubled me is the amount of knee problems people have.

If you’ve ever started exercising or you’re a guy or lady that like to race at the weekend then this post is for you. There’s nothing more frustrating then having knee pain that stops you from ultimately reaching your goal.

If you’ve never had a knee injury, well done you.

But continue reading because this will help you avoid knee injuries.

Here’s my first tip for you:

Warm Up
1 Don’t skimp on the warm up.
The warm up we do at Worcester Gym Alternative is designed to prevent injury and get you ready for exercise. Inside your knee joint there’s a liquid called “Synovial Fluid.” Just like oil, when this fluid gets warm it improves the viscosity of the liquid. Meaning better lubrication and a healthier knee joint.
2 Don’t forget your hips and ankles.
When clients have bad knees they focus just on the knee joint and here lies the problem. Often or not the problem is that either the hips or ankles aren’t functioning correctly. If you go back to point 1 this why a warm up is essential.
Getting those ankles and hips moving is essential to avoiding knee pain.

3 Get your glutes firing
This is an area that many people often forget. Modern life has led us to having weak glutes and tight hip flexors.
It’s always worth doing a squat in the mirror and look for your knees buckling inwards. That’s a classic sign that your glute muscles are weak and not firing properly.
Again this is why it’s important to add glute activation exercises to your warm up.

4 If the sport is causing you pain STOP
Common sense really but how often have you carried on only to make the situation worse? If it hurts, stop.

5 Do single leg work
A problem that I see is when people have been underusing one leg due to injury or because of weakness. If you are favouring one side to the other this is when it can lead to muscle imbalances and knee problems.
Single leg work is pretty straight forward but you do have to do it.
Here are some of the reasons:
>Prevents muscle imbalances
>Strengthens your glutes
>Improved balance

6 Learn how to lift weights
I have worked with hundreds of people and I can guarantee that when we add a deadlift to the exercise programme we run into trouble. Here lies a problem. If you can’t deadlift correctly in the gym how are you lifting stuff at home?To help you can register here for
FREE training on

7 Stretch Your Quadriceps and calf muscles
Pretty obvious one this, but if these muscles are tight the tendons that attach to knee joint will be pulling at the knee causing you to have pain.

8 Look at the foods you are eating
Guys if you want to reduce your risk of knee injury I would strongly suggest losing weight if you are overweight.
I have seen knee problem disappear because clients have lost weight

9 Get your gait checked
Before embarking on the couch to 5k programme or any running programme please go and get your gait checked.
This is like getting your tracking checked on your car.
If you’re wearing the wrong type of trainers they will position the feet that will eventually irritate the knees and will cause hip problems.
For the sake of £5 get your gait checked.

10 Balance out your training
If you just do squats and lunges you are going to get muscle imbalance because your hamstrings will be weak. The strength training that we do at WGA is designed to incorporate exercises that add muscle balance to prevent injuries.

To help you further try our risk free 2 week trial

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