Worcester Gym Alternative

Worcester Gym Alternative is an exciting concept aimed primarily at women
who are disillusioned with or who lack motivation after trying the conventional Gym route.
No gimmicks, no crazy food supplements - just healthy eating & a commitment to working hard required.


Worcester Fit Body Camp Check out our 2 week trial offer ! Get that lean body you always wanted! Ropes Gone WIld Make fitness your priority! Worcester Fit Body Camp

Our Fit Body Camp programme focuses on short periods of high intensity exercise & resistance training – the most effective type of exercise in order to get you fitter & stronger without having to spend hours running or exercising in the gym.

We focus on helping you understand nutrition as part of the process so you can become healthier and fitter.

We motivate you and support you throughout – not just while you are exercising but when you get home too.

You get all of the benefits of a personal trainer without the high cost!

Don’t let the words ‘Fit Body Camp’ put you off, it is named this way because you will train with like-minded people, in small personal groups, in a structured way.

Unlike other programmes that promise weight loss with short exercise classes, with us, you will lose FAT not water.  At the same time you will receive motivational training, nutritional counselling and plenty of sound advice and tips, ensuring that your results are sustainable in the long term.


We train 3 times per week in our private training area near the centre of Worcester.

  • Monday – 6.30am, 9.45am,  6.30pm or 7.15pm
  • Tuesday – 6.15am, 9.45am or 6.30pm
  • Wednesday – 6.30am, 9.45am,  6.30pm or 7.15pm
  • Thursday - 6.15am
  • Friday – 6.30am, 9.45am or 6.30pm

You choose which 3 sessions you attend each week.

Each session last only 30 minutes and in that time you will exercise in the most effective for YOU to lose weight, tone up and get healthier!


Our Fit Body Camp Programme does cost more than a ‘normal’ gym membership but in return you will receive ALL the benefits of a personal trainer together with a nutritional eating plan.

We don’t use gimmicks or supplements – just hard work and healthy eating with real food!

Boring, meaningless hours exercising in a gym with no guidance and no results will be a thing of the past!


Benefits of Fit Body Camp.

  1. Pre sign up assessment.
  2. An intense highly efficient 30 minute workout 3 times per week
  3. Nutritional Advice including meal planner
  4. A leaner fitter YOU!
  5. Motivation!
  6. You will be training with a small group of like minded people under the guidance of a qualified personal trainer

Membership to Fit Body Camp costs £76 per month.

The minimum contract term is 3 months – after this period you are free to cancel at any point by giving 1 months notice.

Although our prices are higher than you would pay for a ‘normal’ gym membership you will receive a far greater return £ for lb…

You will have access to 1 to 1 advice & tuition as well as receiving a highly effective exercise programme that doesn’t require you to spend hours running or losing the will to live on a treadmill or mind numbing exercise machine (for very little gain).

If you are still unsure then why not sign up to our 2 week trial?

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Regain your confidence and wear the clothes that you want to wear
with Worcester Gym Alternative.

Revolutionising Fitness & Wellbeing For Women


Jo Evans

I love doing the workouts as part of a small group, we all motivate and support each other, and Tony is a fantastic trainer.

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To date Ive lost a total of 31cm … thats 2 sizes down in tops and 1 in trousers.

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My name is Anthony Taylor and I help women who are fed up with the big chain gyms and frustrated because of the lack of results regain their confidence.

Frustrated because I was not seeing results, I radically changed my diet, mindset and changed the way I trained. I broke away from traditional methods and used my RAN system to get results.

Sick of not seeing results I created the RAN system.

Resistance: Whole body exercises burn more calories for longer and will give you a bigger bang for your buck. Combining resistance and adding intensity   will not only strip fat but injury proof your body.

Accountability: Studies have shown if people are accountable to someone else they have a 95% success rate. Accountability and mind-set are essential for success.

Nutrition: Too many people try to out train a bad diet. A good diet is essential not only for losing weight but for being healthy.

I guarantee if after 28 days you are not leaner and fitter I’ll give you a full money back guarantee!!